Orange Hard Seltzer

Sparkling / Zesty Sunshine
250ml (Alc 4.6% Vol)
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ALC: 4.6% (250ml)

TASTE: Take your taste buds on a zesty summer vacation with the cool flavour of sparkling water with a hint of freshly squeezed oranges.

Handcrafted using quality ingredients, this fizzy alcoholic beverage is subtly sweet but not sweetened.

Best served cold over ice or chilled straight from the can.

Please enjoy responsibly.

ABOUT: Angels Love Hard Seltzer is a deliciously refreshing, all-natural, low calorie, gluten free, fizzy alcoholic beverage that won't weigh you down

There are only 28 calories, 0g carbs and 4.6% alc/vol per 100m serving - so say goodbye to bloated bellies and sugary cocktails.

We make this virtuous tasting hard seltzer from a premium blend of glacier sourced seltzer water, small-batch triple distilled vodka, and a hint of real fruit flavour.

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